The Best P2P Transfers for regular People

Regular people need to send and receive payments, but many payment services seem to be targeted at businesses and shoppers, so where does that leave people who want to send cash to friends and family? Look no further because here is a quick look at some of the best P2P transfer methods for regular people. 

What Are P2P Transfers?

P2P transfers stand for peer-to-peer transfers. These transfers are electronic money transfers, where one person sends money to another through an intermediary, which is typically a financial institution. Many money transfer services like TaxCorporation offer P2P payment methods for both businesses and regular people.

Cash App

Cash App is made by Square Inc., and it is a money transfer service that lets people send cash via linked debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts or their Cash App balance. Additionally, Cash App offers a Cash Card, which is an optional debit card so people can spend cash in their balance, plus it is free.


Venmo is an excellent choice for almost anyone, but it is especially good for young adults. It is an excellent way to send money to split bills, meals, and such. Venmo users can use their credit card, Venmo balance, or a linked bank account to send each other money. Similar to Cash App, Venmo also offers a free debit card so people can use the cash in their balances. 

The main reason why Venmo is great for P2P transfers is that many people already have Venmo accounts. Therefore, it is easy for you to send money as needed since the recipient likely already has an account. 


PayPal may be the main player in money transfer services, being one of the most popular ones available. PayPal is known to charge fairly high fees, but sending money to your family and friends is free! There are many ways to fund your PayPal wallet for transfers, including your bank account, credit card, debit card, and even PayPal Credit. Similar to Venmo, many people already own PayPal accounts and it is very easy to set up, so transferring money to another person using PayPal should be convenient. 

Apple Pay Cash

Apple users can send and get cash using Apple Pay Cash using the Messages app. The Messages app is compatible with fairly recent versions of the Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone. Once you use your Apple device to enroll in Apple Pay, you can link a debit card to your Apple wallet app. From there, you can request, accept, and send payments through Messages.

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Google Pay

Google Pay lets users use their digital wallets to make money transfers and purchases, and it is great for P2P transfers. The app is great to split bills with other people, and the app can even help their users do math for what they want to split. 

You do not have to worry about finding the best payment method to send funds to your friends and family. You can check out the benefits of the P2P transfer methods stated above to make the best decision.