Does Sleep Affect Your Weight

Many of us believe that diets and exercise are the only way to lose weight, but many other lifestyle factors such as your sleep can affect your weight. If you want to learn how sleep impacts your weight, here are some reasons you ought to know about!

Lack of Sleep Makes You Cling Onto Fat

Firstly, a lack of sleep makes your body more likely to cling onto fat stores in your body. This is why supplements like Recharge PM fat burner address those issues by helping you sleep better.

Basically, sleep deprivation makes your cortisol levels spike. Your cortisol levels are your stress levels, which also has a huge relationship with your weight. The sleepier and more stressed you are, the harder it is for you to lose weight.

This is because your cortisol sends messages to your body that there is danger. These messages make your body think it needs to conserve energy, which includes your fat stores. Therefore, your body will hold onto any fat you have even if you try to exercise and follow a diet.

Being Tired Makes You Hungrier

As mentioned earlier, lack of sleep makes your body stressed, which makes your body look for ways to conserve energy. Another way your body will make you gain weight when you are tired is by making you hungrier.

Your body will look for another way to give itself fuel other than storing your excess fat. Typically, people who are tired often have larger appetites to look for energy sources to keep them alert.

Additionally, your body is more likely to crave for foods that are “unhealthy” because foods with sugar and carbohydrates contain more calories. You would be less likely to eat healthier food because you will not get the same “satisfaction” when you are sleep deprived. 

Moreover, your body will be more sensitive to the smell of food, further increasing your cravings and appetite. Therefore, smelling food will likely make it harder for you to stick to your diet and avoid unhealthy food.

Sleep Deprivation Slows Your Metabolism

Many studies have shown that sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain, and one way is that lacking sleep can slow your metabolism. When you lack sleep, your body can alter the hormones and glucose metabolism that regulate your metabolism, making your metabolism slow down.

Typically, this sleep deprivation and metabolism will also link to the previously mentioned reasons above. For instance, being sleep deprived will make you hungrier, but your body will cling onto your excess fat and your metabolism will not be fast enough to burn the fat and calories.

All In All

Getting enough sleep when you want to lose weight is crucial because sleep deprivation could be ruining your weight loss journey. Normally, lacking sleep makes your metabolism slower, makes you hungrier, and makes your body hold onto fat more.

Therefore, it is important to find a way to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night and to lower your stress levels. You can do this by going to bed at the same time and taking Recharge PM burner to help you.